This is the meeting and travel schedule for the course during the Spring 2015 term.

Before Main Trip:

  • Friday, January 16th: Kalamazoo (info session, w/ only the students)
  • Friday, January 30th: Kalamazoo (w/ local community)
  • Friday, February 13th: Detroit
  • Friday, February 20th: Chicago
  • Thursday, February 26th: Grand Rapids
  • Friday, February 27th: Kalamazoo (review of the books, w/ only the students)

Main Trip: (March 6-15)

  • Friday, March 6th: Fly to Boulder
  • March 6-10th: In Boulder
  • Tuesday, March 10th: Fly to Austin
  • March 10th-15th: In Austin
  • Sunday, March 15th: Fly to Kalamazoo

After Main Trip:

Additional Trips (optional):


Below is a calendar (in agenda mode) of the schedule for this course.

Note: To view the Google Calendar, you need to have access to the Calendar and be logged into your gmail account.  Access is given to the students and instructors in the course.  Thus, the calendar is mainly for use by the students and the instructors.


During the course we meet with a number of organizations and people in the cities we visit.  We list those organizations and people in each of the “City” pages.  To see the entire list, you can go to the “People Visited” page.

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