The next stage of startups

On Friday, we got the opportunity to visit the Edward Lowe Foundation in Cassopolis, Michigan. Our hosts for the day were Dino Signore and George Nelson. The Lowe Foundation was created by Edward Lowe who was also the creator of Kitty Litter. Edward Lowe was an successful entrepreneur and he wanted to help other entrepreneurs […]


The Edward Lowe Foundation

On Friday (3/20) our group had the fortune to visit the Edward Lowe Foundation in Cassopolis, MI and meet with Dino Signore and George Nelson.   The Lowe foundation was created by the Michigan entrepreneur who invented Kitty Litter.  Edward Lowe was an inventor, and after his own success he wanted to help other entrepreneurs.  From his […]


What Comes After? The Second Stage of Startups

Entering into the day, I was unsure what to expect from the Lowe Foundation. I only knew what I had researched the night prior to the trip: it was a retreat/learning program foundation offered to second stage startups with a vast amount of acreage. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Almost immediately upon […]