Austin Flex Time!

My favorite activity out of the Austin trip was the SXSW Create event. It showcased how “Tomorrow happens here” as Sean Branagan would put it. There were a lot of hands on activities, allowing people to understand their mission or what they do first hand. I got to see 3D printers, virtual reality devices, and […]

Austin- Weird, Since always!

We finally made our way to Austin, Texas after spending five days in the mountainous and rocky Boulder, Colorado.  As expected, it was a lot warmer in Austin and it felt good to know that we could finally wear shorts after some months of really cold weather in Michigan.  Austin had a different feel to […]

Southby…southwest: blending in in Austin

Austin was full of surprises almost immediately. Staying a little outside of the city gave me a different perspective than was received in Boulder, and despite feeling like the days were a little more packed with meetings (in part due to the commute, I’m sure), we still managed quite a lot of time to mingle, […]

Keep it Austin

After spending the first part of the trip in the picturesque town of Boulder, with the solemn view of the mountains and the quasi-romantic walks through its idyllic streets, it was kind of a culture shock to when I got to wake up in the busy city of Austin, with its unrelenting traffic and the […]

Beer, businesses, and beautiful people

There is never a dull moment in Austin, Texas, whether it is due to the great conversations with the locals or the energetic night life. While exploring Austin I met many wonderful people and got a taste of how fun it would be to live there. One of my first nights in Austin I attended […]