Back to Starting Gate

Prior to the class’s second meeting with the Kalamazoo startup community on Friday,  January 30th, the class revised a framework that was created before the trips to Boulder, CO and Austin, TX. The framework was intended to define and describe the elements that drive a successful startup community. The revision process was a great opportunity for my […]

It’s just the beginning!

About two months ago we first met with our local Kalamazoo community to get a better understanding of what is going on in the Kalamazoo startup scene. Back then, we had little knowledge of entrepreneurship  and startup communities but we were all eager and excited for the opportunity to go visit and meet with entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists, […]

Startup community framework and DASH

On Friday, March 27th, my classmates went to Starting Gate to present our framework for factors that affect the vibrancy of startup communities.  This meeting was with 30 members of the Kalamazoo community, including the mayor of Kalamazoo, Bobby Hopewell.  My classmates explained what we have found in our travels to Austin and Boulder that […]

The next stage of startups

On Friday, we got the opportunity to visit the Edward Lowe Foundation in Cassopolis, Michigan. Our hosts for the day were Dino Signore and George Nelson. The Lowe Foundation was created by Edward Lowe who was also the creator of Kitty Litter. Edward Lowe was an successful entrepreneur and he wanted to help other entrepreneurs […]


The Edward Lowe Foundation

On Friday (3/20) our group had the fortune to visit the Edward Lowe Foundation in Cassopolis, MI and meet with Dino Signore and George Nelson.   The Lowe foundation was created by the Michigan entrepreneur who invented Kitty Litter.  Edward Lowe was an inventor, and after his own success he wanted to help other entrepreneurs.  From his […]