The Trust Factor

There are certain phrases ingrained within our society that everyone has heard time and time again such as “there’s no place like home” and “home is where the heart is.” Personally, these phrases lost meaning for me a long time ago. Then came our trip to Boulder and Austin and I found myself thinking more […]

The Good life

In our quest to find the factors making start up ecosystems in Austin and Boulder thrive, I couldn’t help but notice how ‘quality of life’ kept on being mentioned by almost everyone we visited. Almost all the entrepreneurs who had moved to these areas said that the quality of life is what attracted them there.Which […]

Stay Weird AUSTIN!

Austin is such a beautiful and unique city all in itself. I can understand why 150 people move to Austin everyday, even after just being there for a couple of days! Our first visit was at ATI with Mitch Jacobson. ATI is essentially an incubator for the University of Texas. There are 3 areas of […]

Austin Flex Time!

My favorite activity out of the Austin trip was the SXSW Create event. It showcased how “Tomorrow happens here” as Sean Branagan would put it. There were a lot of hands on activities, allowing people to understand their mission or what they do first hand. I got to see 3D printers, virtual reality devices, and […]

Austin- Weird, Since always!

We finally made our way to Austin, Texas after spending five days in the mountainous and rocky Boulder, Colorado.  As expected, it was a lot warmer in Austin and it felt good to know that we could finally wear shorts after some months of really cold weather in Michigan.  Austin had a different feel to […]