The Trust Factor

There are certain phrases ingrained within our society that everyone has heard time and time again such as “there’s no place like home” and “home is where the heart is.” Personally, these phrases lost meaning for me a long time ago. Then came our trip to Boulder and Austin and I found myself thinking more […]

The Good life

In our quest to find the factors making start up ecosystems in Austin and Boulder thrive, I couldn’t help but notice how ‘quality of life’ kept on being mentioned by almost everyone we visited. Almost all the entrepreneurs who had moved to these areas said that the quality of life is what attracted them there.Which […]

Uptown Fun(k) in Boulder and Austin

Wow. Where to begin? This class has been such a blessing beyond words. If you have been a true follower throughout our blogging, you know that we have seen and experienced many different and wonderful areas of the startup world. Not to mention, the great cities that we have been able to explore! I have […]

How does Quality of Life Affect a Start-up Community?

A successful start-up community can be measured based on many factors. One of the factors of a thriving start-up community is the ability for that community to attract talented individuals to the area. Why do individuals locate in certain areas versus other areas? One explanation that I have gained from the course, Understanding Start-up Communities, […]

Flextime in Boulder

When we were not in scheduled meetings with important keystones of the Boulder startup community, we had some free time to explore the city, take in the culture, and create relationships on our own. Since we were required to use our free time to engage with the startup community, we had somewhat restricted freedom that pushed us out […]