Book Discussion: Rise of the Creative Class

At the beginning of the course we each chose a book we were going to read, summarize as well as post a video about the main points. The three books we had to choose from were The Rainforest by Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt, Startup Communities by Brad Feld and finally The Rise of the Creative Class […]


Book Discussion: Startup Communities

In our course we have gone on trips to Detroit, Chicago, and Grand Rapids, as well as a short trip to Starting Gate in downtown Kalamazoo. Our most recent meeting actually took place on campus believe it or not! Our most recent meeting was on Friday, February 27 at the Lee Honors College. In this […]


Book Discussion: The Rainforest

Each of us read one of three books, wrote a summary, and created a short video to describe what we thought were the three most important points in the book.  We then gathered at the Lee Honors College to view all of the videos, and engage in discussion about what we all thought were the […]

Start Garden Update Night

Rapids of the Future

Inevitably, people often enter a city with preconceived notions of what it has to offer. Going into Grand Rapids, aside from the organizations I’d read about for class, I saw GR for craft beer, Art Prize, GVSU, and various bars and restaurants. After Detroit, it shouldn’t have been shocking to find a large network of […]

Art in the 1871 Facilities


Our first stop was 1871, where Diana Lopez-Obaldo gave us a tour of the facility and told us what they offer. To it’s members, 1871 offers co-working space and access to hundreds of classes, lectures, and seminars. There are different types of memberships and prices depending on what level each business is at. There is […]